A combination of many years of Rotary and Automotive experience backed up by state-of-the-art equipment in-house enables us to confidently undertake any job on your vehicle, straight forward or complex - and at reasonable cost.

From basic servicing of any passenger vehicle through to turbo conversion and full-on race preparation, no job is outside of our capabilities. Please read on for details of just some aspects of the automotive services we normally supply on a day to day basis in our busy workshop.

Tuning & Diagnostics Work

In late 2003 we acquired our own Dyno Dynamics chassis dynamometer. Capable of running 1,000hp through the rear wheels, it provides an invaluable tool with which to tune high horsepower vehicles accurately and safely. Our dyno is used extensively on our own project cars as part of their continued development and for parts testing, in addition to tuning all of our customer vehicles. Over the past 5 years we have built up a massive dynamometer database for modifications to a vast range of high performance cars.

We have extensive experience mapping most modern popular engine management systems (including Apexi, Haltech, E-Manage, Link, MicroTech etc) and are Dealers for MoTeC and HKS.

With many modern production car ECUs now controlling much more than simply the engine we have also recently invested in the capability to remap stock ECUs. Please see our list HERE to see if your vehicle is currently covered.

The dynamometer is also available for hire to third parties at competitive hourly and half/full day rates and 'Dyno Days' for groups of friends and clubs are always welcomed. Larger groups require payment of 50% in advance.

Regular Servicing & Maintenance

With the majority of imported Japanese sports cars being used as daily drivers, day-to-day wear and tear inevitably takes its toll sooner rather than later. This is especially the case with high performance cars - a neglected vehicle often becomes an expensive liability which provides heartache instead of driving pleasure. Regular maintenance need not be unnecessarily expensive but is an essential aspect of owning a high-output vehicle; a well looked after vehicle in peak condition offers the owner the most rewarding driving experience - and helps maintain the vehicles residual value.

Regular servicing allows many potential problems to be highlighted and remedied (or budgeted for in due course) before they fail and cause breakdown and potentially further damage - or at least inconvenience for the owner and unforeseen expense. Regular 'preventative' maintenance should be seen as an essential part of owning a high performance vehicle which is used for any thing more than taking up garage space!

We are able to offer professional servicing for ALL makes and models of vehicle at reasonable cost. We have standard servicing costs and any additional work we consider necessary or urgent will only be undertaken after subsequent discussion with and permission from you.

Fuel Injector Cleaning and Overhaul

Fuel injectors are an essential but often 'fit and forgotten' part of any fuel injected engine. Components that exist in many modern fuels can build up on the inside the body of the injector, on the pintle valve, the pintle head and seat and also in the filter basket. Debris from fuel tanks can also cause a build up inside the fine screen of the filter basket, restricting the fuel flow rate dramatically. Modern electronic fuel injectors are manufactured to such fine tolerances that even the tiniest of deposit can play havoc with spray patterns and overall fuel flow.

Under-performing injectors can show many symptoms including reduced power output and fuel economy, and poor starting, idle and driveability. The worst case scenario - especially on highly tuned engines - is that an excessively lean condition occurs under high load and a catastrophic engine failure ensues.We encourage injector overhaul for any car, especially after tuning work or engine overhaul. We have invested in the industry-standard ASNU injector testing and cleaning machine for this very purpose and are happy to provide this service for all our customers. The ASNU allows us to test the flow and spray pattern of most types of injector at various simulated rail pressures and rpm, pulsed or wide open. The machine then enables us to ultra sonically clean each unit before retesting to ensure peak performance and reliablilty.

We are now pleased to offer this cleaning service via post, starting from just £12+vat per injector. Typically this process includes;

- Chec micro filter, o-ring seals and pintle caps and remove where replacement is required/possible
- Mount injectors on the flow bench and perform leak test
- Test flow rates at various normal operating pressures, various speeds and duty cycles to gain a full picture of flow characteristics
- Check spray patterns in both static (wide open) and dynamic (pulsed) modes at various opening times and speeds between cranking and 20,000 RPM
- Clean using the ASNU ultra-sonic bath
- Re-test of all injectors for leak, flow and spray pattern
- Replace micro filter, o-ring seals and pintle caps where required

Please e-mail info@reworx.com for further details or to book your injectors in!

Feel free to email us with your ideas for your car. We will provide you our feedback on what may or may not be 'right' for you and the use your car will likely see - including pointing out those small things that you may not have considered but could mean the difference between a good car and a great car. Whether you have in mind mild or wild you can rest assured that we will be able to fulfil your requirements without any unnecessary delay or expense.

If you prefer to do the work yourself all the parts we supply can be purchased from our online shop and either shipped out to you or collected from our Portsmouth workshop.