RE:Worx are UK specialists in Rotary engine building and modification. From standard-spec rebuilt blocks for daily road use to full-blown race motors, we are able to put together the package right for you.

FD3S Twin turbo 13B-REW rebuilds cost upward of approximately £3,000+VAT which includes initial removal, stripping, rebuilding to our standard spec and refitting in to the car.

This cost varies dependant on:

a) what parts are deemed unserviceable (outside of Mazda tolerances) upon disassembly, and
b) what additional work or new parts you require be undertaken/fitted

The basic 13B-REW rebuild consists of the following:

Strip, clean and inspect parts for unacceptable wear; rebuild motor to accepted Mazda tolerances using the following NEW parts as standard; rotor housings, apex seals and springs, side seals and springs, corner seals and springs, rotor oil control o-rings and coolant o-ring seals. ONLY Genuine Mazda parts are used unless specifically specified otherwise. All standard rebuilds come with a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty against parts and build failure.

RE:Worx can undertake any porting, doweling and other performance and reliability modifications you may be considering. Having built some of the highest power Rotary engines in the UK we pride ourselves on attention to detail that helps maximise each engines' longevity and performance. With our own in-house Dyno Dynamics chassis dynamometer we are in an enviable position with which to test our engines in a controlled environment that gives us a major advantage in the development and testing of new ideas and products.

We can spec your engine to your requirements, help you choose the appropriate ancillaries and if required, build and tune your car - all in house. No reliance on outside contractors or paying to hire other peoples tuning equipment and facilities ensures that you will get the best service at a reasonable price in the most timely fashion.