Excellent internet-based FREE UK FD3S RX7 club; started in September 2001 with a handful of FD owners (us included) and now with 700+ members, formerly a yahoo group-based email list the club is now forum-based. Great way to meet like-minded Third Gen owners. Lots of useful info available plus organisation of attendence at events, and NO suspect Club politics or agendas!

A wealth of useful information including (U.S.) manuals, wiring diagrams, various "how to"'s etc.

THE RX7 Club/forum. A strong American presence - but its not all bad!

Smaller (but growing steadily) Rotary forum, a haven for some seriously knowledgeable Rotary guys, including a couple who've given up on 'the' forum...

Andrew's (andrewrx7 on MRC) site dedicated to the ULTIMATE FD RX7 - the Spirit R.

Home of the webs best Hampshire search engine.